The extensive employer consultation had three main aims:

- To determine current and emerging competence requirements within the European translation industry, i.e. identify the competences that employers seek when looking to employ new staff.

- To provide input for further analysis and discussion during eight "regional" workshops bringing together academics involved in Master's degree translator training programmes and industry players from across Europe.

- To provide a pan-European snapshot of specific competence requirements for graduates seeking employment in the industry and for programme directors seeking to improve the employability of their graduates in the translation professions

The survey took the form of a short questionnaire to be completed on paper (in the initial stages of the survey) and online (from May 2011 onwards).


The results of this survey are now available in:


Many thanks are due to all the respondents who contributed to the success of our project. Having reliable information at hand is instrumental in optimizing translator training programmes, so that employers can recruit the highly proficient young graduates they need.



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