The OPTIMALE symposium took place at Rennes 2 University on June 6 2013, one day ahead of the final OPTIMALE project meeting scheduled on June 7 2013.

The last training session was held at Tallinn University (Tallinn-Estonia) on April 19-20th 2013. 20 OPTIMALE members from 8 countries took part in this training session. Trainers: Yves Gambier (Turku University) and Nike Pokorn (University of Ljubljana).

  • 35 participants from 8 countries attended the training session organised in Brussels by the Marie Haps Institute on March 1-2nd 2013. Trainers: Andrew Rothwell (Swansea University), Dorothy Kenny (Dublin City University) and Sonia Vandepitte (Hogeschool Ghent).

Plovdiv University (Plovdiv-Bulgaria) organised the second training session on February 21-22nd 2013. 23 OPTIMALE members from 8 countries participated in this training session. Trainers: Anca Greere (Babes-Bolyai University / Quality assurance Agency), Anne-Marie Robert (Aix-Marseille Université) and Daniel Toudic (Université Rennes 2).


31 OPTIMALE members from 8 countries attended this training session. Trainers: Marcel Thelen (Hogeschool Zyud), Daniel Linder (Universidad de Salamanca) and Elisabeth Lavault-Olléon (Université Stendhal Grenoble 3).

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